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by Derek Loosvelt | August 27, 2010


Based on New York Times journalist Andrew Ross Sorkin's book of the same name, HBO's forthcoming film Too Big to Fail now has a director and lead actor attached.
Curtis Hanson (8 Mile, Wonder Boys, LA Confidential)will direct, and veteran actor William Hurt (who, a coworker of mineaccurately pointed out, is at his best when "playing cold-bloodedcreeps") will take on the role of ex-Treasury Secretary Hank "TheHammer" Paulson. (I can only hope that Hurt does for Too Big to Fail what he did for A History of Violence.)

As for the rest of the cast, it is still to be determined, and no doubt there are numerous marquee names, via their (likely-not-too-warm-blooded) agents, vying for career-making turns as ex-Lehman Brothers Head Gorilla Dick "Where are you now?" Fuld, JPMorgan Chase Golden Child Jamie "Blood" Dimon, Goldman Sachs No. 1 Squid Lloyd "I Ain't Shootin" Blankfein, Big Man at the Fed Benny "The Beard" Bernanke, current Treasury Secretary Timmy "Back Taxes" Geithner, Citi Chief Executive Vikram "The One Dollar" Pandit and ex-Bank of America Top of the Org Chart Kenny "Clueless" Lewis (who, it strikes me, would be well portayed by one of my favorite actors, Academy Award-Winner Philip Seymour Hoffman).


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