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by Derek Loosvelt | October 27, 2010


If you've never been to a Halloween Masquerade Mash-up Ball, here are the rules: Pick two real or fictional characters that are "mash-up-able," and then disguise yourself as their evil (or angelic) lovechild. Actually, that's not so clear; let me explain by giving you a few mash-up-able examples: Fat Albert Einstein, Salvador Dolly Parton, Willie Nelson Mandela, T.S. Eliot Spitzer, Babe Ruth Ginsburg, Robert Penn Warren Buffett, etc. Got it? Good. Now, here are the top Mash-Ups from the world of finance (and financial reform):

10. Tiny Tim Geithner

9. Rahm Emanuel Lewis

8. Jan Brady Dougan

7. Woody Allen Ginsberg

6. Kenichi Watana-Bea Arthur

5. Anshu Jain Fonda

4. Roseanne Barack Obama

3. Meredith Whitney Houston

2. Christopher Lloyd Blankfein

1. Rick James Dimon ("I'm Jamie Dimon, b!&^*!")


For other disguise ideas, see the Top 10 Financial Crisis-Related Halloween Costumes.


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