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by Derek Loosvelt | March 25, 2010


Earlier today it was revealed that Credit Suisse CEO Brady Bunch Dougan earned $17.9 million for his time and efforts in 2009, a figure that included cash as well as deferred stock, which Big D will be able to bank at a later date.

Tiger Woods

Dougan was just the latest big banking CEO to have his 2009 compensation package strutted out across headlines for the world to see and splatter with tomatoes—as I'm certain you have heard, there are some folks out there in the U.S. of A. living on a rue named Main who are more than a tad upset that banking chiefs are still pulling down seven and eight figures a year not long after most (but not all) of their firms nearly crushed the world economy.

Of course, it is difficult to blame these fruit throwers for their heated responses to seeing so many numbers to the left of the decimal point, but in defense of some of these leader$ making extremely big bank there are other taxpayers among us who also make mountains of dough and who, one could argue, are slightly overpaid as well (granted, they may have not nearly crushed the economy, but still).

And so below, for your perusing pleasure, are a few 2009 compensation figures, in no particular order aside from descending:



Professional Golfer Tiger Sextexter Woods: $110 million

Filmmaker James No Budget's Too Big Cameron: $50 million

Los Angeles Laker Kobe Beef Bryant: $45 million

Footballer (a.k.a. Soccer Player) David Spouse Of Posh Beckham: $42 million

Actor Johnny Thank You Tim Burton Depp: $22 million

Ford Motor Company CEO Big Al Mullaly: $17.9 million

JPMorgan Chase CEO Jamie Blood Dimon: $17 million

PepsiCo CEO Indra Yes And Noori: $15.8 million

Archer Daniels Midland CEO Patty I Could've Done A Lot Woertz: $15.5 million

CVS CEO Tommy Who's Cryin' Now Ryan: $14.4 million

Deutsche Bank CEO Josef Well In The B.L. Ackerman: $12.8 million

Starbucks CEO Howard The Duck Schultz: $12.1 million

Avon CEO Andrea At Fifty Still Looking Darn Jung: $11 million

Whirlpool CEO Jeff Jacuzzi Fettig: $10.8 million

General Motors CEO Eddie Wheels Whitacre: $9 million

Goldman Sachs CEO Lloyd I Ain't Shooting Blankfein: $9 million

U.S. President Barack The Vote Obama: $400,000

Blackstone CEO Stephen Party Boy Schwarzman: $350,000

U.S. Representative Michelle Bring It On Bachman: $174,000

Ex-Bank of America CEO Kenny Skip To My Lewis: $0


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