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by Derek Loosvelt | October 01, 2009


Number of years that Ken Lewis (Bank of America's CEO who will step down at the end of this year) has worked at BofA: 40

Lewis’s age in years: 62

Highest per-share price of BofA stock under Lewis’ tenure: $54.85

Lowest: $3.14

Today’s close: $16.21

Amount BofA agreed to pay to settle a shareholder suit (a settlement that was later overturned) regarding bonuses paid to Merrill executives: $33 million

Amount of the Merrill bonuses in question: $3.6 billion

Merrill Lynch’s losses in 2008: $27 billion

Its losses in the fourth quarter 2008: $15 billion

Pension benefits Ken Lewis stands to collect from BofA: $53.2 million

Compensation Lewis has earned over the past three years: $63 million

Amount of that Lewis made last year: $10 million

Amount BofA received from the U.S. government under its Troubled Asset Relief Program (and has yet to repay): $45 billion

Amount BofA spent on acquisitions since Lewis became chief executive: $130 billion

BofA’s assets when Lewis became CEO in 2001: $642 billion

Assets as of July 2009: $2.25 trillion


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