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by Derek Loosvelt | May 25, 2010


We're nearly done surveying professionals in our annual banking survey so we thought we'd give you another sneak peek at the results as the time to chime in expires. The below figures focus on (but are not limited to) communicating who has taken our survey. The figures should also give you a pretty good sense of the general type of person who works in banking today. Enjoy.

Percentage of respondents who are white/Caucasian: 75

Percentage who are married: 38

Percentage who are female: 26

Percentage who are Asian: 13

Percentage who are Hispanic/Latino: 4

Percentage who are African American/black: 3

Percentage who are gay, lesbian or bisexual: 1

Percentage of respondents who say firm culture was the single most important factor in deciding to accept their firm's offer over others: 39

Percentage who say prestige was the most important factor: 15

Percentage who say compensation was the most important: 7

Percentage who say their firm offers free dinners: 76

Percentage who say their firm offers free parking: 15

Percentage who received their MBAs: 27

Percentage who received their MBAs from NYU's Stern School: 11

Percentage who received their MBAs from Chicago's Booth School: 8

Percentage who received their MBAs from Harvard: 6

Percentage who worked as a summer intern in banking: 29

Percentage who work in New York: 50

Percentage who work in Atlanta (the second most popular behind NYC): 7

Percentage who work in Toronto: 5

Percentage who work in Chicago: 4

Percentage of respondents who rate their firm's business outlook a 10 (on a scale 1 to 10 where 1 is "in a precarious position" and 10 is "well positioned to thrive"): 35

Percentage who rate their firm's business outlook less than a 5: 3

Percentage who say that, knowing what they know now, they would make the same decision about which firm to join: 91


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