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by Derek Loosvelt | June 24, 2011


Are you man (or woman) enough for a life in M&A? Do you have the stomach to trade fixed-income securities? Is it in your DNA to underwrite initial public offerings and help Fortune 500 companies issue bonds? Or is a back-office job in a department such as HR or compliance more suited to your tastes?

fabrice tourre testifying in front of congressThanks to a new feature of Goldman Sachs' careers website, which asks the (literally) million-dollar question -- Where might you fit in with our firm? -- now you can find out.

That is, via its website, Goldman invites you to take a quiz to find out which of its business units, if any, would consider you for a job.

The great thing about the test is that anyone can take it (even people -- crazy as it might sound -- who have no interest in actually working for the tarnished but still crown jewel of Wall Street). In fact, I've taken the quiz twice, and, strangely enough, both times I was told that Goldman's legal department, which no doubt has been a busy one as of late, came up as the best fit for my skills, interest, and temperament.

If you too choose to subject yourself to Goldman's discerning eye, you'll be asked about your academic interests, affinity for risk, preference between a collaborative environment and entrepreneurial one, ability to thrive under pressure, ideal work schedule, desire to manage large groups of people, ability to respond to situations with your gut, ability to work in chaotic situations, your ideal job tasks, and how you would describe yourself (fast learner, early riser, confident, good communicator, etc.).

The test also includes these two essay questions: (1) In 500 words or less, please present an argument for why Facebook deserves a valuation of at least $175 billion; and (2) Tell us something that's not on your resume, not on your Facebook page (or tagged on someone else's), and that no one -- not even your mother, father, or significant other(s) -- knows about you.

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