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by Derek Loosvelt | December 02, 2009


Still no one wants that CEO job at Bank of America and apparently several folks who've been in the running have balked at the post because they think the BofA footprint is too darn large, believing the bank would be better off broken up into a heel (Merrill Lynch), an instep (the consumer and commercial banking business) and several corn-covered toes (the rest).

Speaking of feet, and shoving them down your throat, this ALL CAPS Facebook posting full of F-bombs from the daughter of Putting on the Fritz Henderson, the now former GM CEO, is probably not the PR response poor Fritz had in mind in the wake of his forced resignation yesterday.

Feet and mouths are also body parts very much on the minds of these ex-suit-wearing execs who've hung up their Hermès ties and scarves to spend their time left on the planet stepping on red and white grapes and selling wine, but never, of course, before it’s time.

Finally, I admit that once every two-and-a-half years (and not a minute earlier) I enjoy listening and even singing along to a good REO Speedwagon showstopper like “Take It On the Run” or “Time for Me to Fly” (which take me back to 1985 when I pined for Jill Kushner and Rebecca Gilcutty and scores of other 13-year-old girls who wouldn’t look in my direction unless my heavily-moussed locks were to catch fire) but an online video game with the so-over-the-hill-they’re-knee-deep-in-a-dark-valley members of Speedwagon? I realize that music execs need to dip their hooves into additional streams of revenue once in awhile due to that Internets thing drying up album sales, but I believe that hordes of Speedwagon fans as well as haters will be more than able to fight the feeling of logging on and playing REO Speedwagon: Find Your Own Way Home. Especially since it’ll cost you $8 an hour.


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