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by Derek Loosvelt | March 25, 2011


That's right, dude. If you're chill and tend to take it easy, rather than engaging in a million things at once and always doing doing doing, you're going to be able to deal with work-life and home-life stress a helluva lot better, according to a new study just published in the Journal of Applied Psychology.

In fact, even catching some zzzzzz's during the day or kicking back and just pondering the yonder can improve your ability to deal with stressful situations. And further, if you're the type of dude or dudette who's always asking other folks for advice when a problem comes your way, instead of calmly dealing with it yourself (after first taking a nap, of course), you might be doing yourself more harm than good.

The study's authors say they "observed that people who seek out other people to provide emotional support also reported more stress," which may be due to these high strung folks' "extra efforts taking even more time away from other roles, thus increasing their tendency to experience conflicts."

Whatever the case may be, the study's message seems clear: to lead a healthier, less stressful existence, you should most definitely be doing a lot less, and driving around aimlessly and bowling with friends a whole lot more.

(WSJ: Stressed Out? Slack Off)


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