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by Derek Loosvelt | December 13, 2010


According to a recent Bloomberg poll, 70 percent of Americans believe that, indeed, they should be banned. And you can't blame them.

Say, for example, your name is Mike Robertson and you're 43 years old and living in Wayne, Michigan, and you once were gainfully employed in the auto parts industry, but as a result of the financial crisis that swept across the nation, you've been fired and are now back in school, hoping to go into computer science. While you study, you flip on the tube every once in awhile and what do you see but segment after doggone segment about how investment banks, not long after nearly crushing the country's economy, are now back at it: making billions and paying their employees millions. To boot, they're still complaining about not being able to pay their dealmakers what they deserve.

I'd say, if I were Mike, I'd be more than a tad bitter.

Which is why he, along with 700 others polled, ticked off the box that said GIVE THEM SQUAT when filling out the survey.



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