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by Derek Loosvelt | March 02, 2011


HBO has given the greenlight to "Entourage" producer Doug Ellin's pilot entitled "40" -- a series following four 40-year-old non-virgin men who live in New York City.

Ed Burns, a former chronicler of Catholic guilt and rather average actor who is perhaps most famous for his supermodel wife Christy Turlington, will play the "married with kids guy, who used to work at Bear Stearns making over 2 million a year but has now been out of work for almost a year." The ex-Bear married guy's onscreen buds will include "a rich metrosexual guy, a ripped personal trainer and a schlumpy neurotic married guy."

Which all sounds like a great big unoriginal progamming snore. That is, aside from this rumor: that ex-Bear Stearns CEO Jimmy "Jamaica" Cayne will be making a guest appearance on episode #3 as Burns' character's "delivery man."

Meanwhile, in other finance-scandal-related Hollywood news, director Danny Leiner is rumored to be working on a new film following a former hedge fund investor and former Goldman Sachs board of director member tentatively titled "Raj and Rajat Go to Jail." Word is filming will begin this summer (a release date has not yet been set).


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