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by Derek Loosvelt | November 03, 2010


I think Dick has a point. From a New Yorker blog post:

"This year's election—in what’s been basically a kind of endless, high-dollar, bad-tempered, bad-faith demonstration project on the war of the selves (we hate it, we need it, we love it, we’re tired of it)—the theme has once again been what a train wreck government is. The Democrats ran away from their own tepid achievements—I guess, trying to distance themselves from having done what they just did two months ago in government. And of course the whole assault on government has been waged by people itchy, themselves, to get into government. So they can what? Not be in government? Or at least not seem to be? Train wrecks are said to be attractive. Though I don’t agree when it’s my country that’s both the train and the wall."


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