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by Derek Loosvelt | June 07, 2011


The other day I was speaking to a managing director who works for a middle-market investment bank in San Francisco. After we talked about Apple's iCloud launch, the topic turned to the iPad and to the MD's business (tech M&A) and he told me he didn't think it was too far off that instead of a stack of pitch books, bankers would be bringing a stack of iPads to their meetings -- with their presentations already loaded, of course.

ipad colbertHe added that if the move from paper-based to iPad presentation catches on -- and he didn't see why it wouldn't -- it could result in some ridiculous gains for Apple, which has been feverishly trying to take a larger bite out the workplace market.

In any case, with offices increasingly going paperless, it seems likely that the iPad (or equivalent) will be the report medium of the future.

Even though the upfront costs aren't nothing ($499 each), over time they'll likely result in some decent savings versus paper reports. Not to mention some decent improvements in aesthetics and function.

That said, the costs to junior bankers could be astronomical. I certainly wouldn't want to be the first one who loses a pile of iPads in transit.

(Telegraph: Apple Hopes for Music Revoluition With iCloud Launch)


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