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by Derek Loosvelt | June 03, 2011


As you know, Willard Mitt Romney has again tossed his hat into the three-ring circus, deciding to run for a second time as the GOP candidate for President of the United States. Perhaps you also know that Mitt graduated from Brigham Young, Harvard Law School, and Harvard Business School; served as governor of the great state of Massachusetts; and once led the prestigious consulting firm Bain & Company back from near death and into the black. But what you likely do not know about the Mormon hoping to unseed President Barack Obama is that, back in the day, he made tons of dough by placing some excellent bets on pepperoni pies, baseball gloves, paper clips, and extra-firm mattresses. That is, Mitt, who founded the formidable private equity firm Bain Capital (a spinoff of Bain & Company), was instrumental in investing in these All-American franchises: Domino's Pizza, Sports Authority, Staples, and Sealy -- all of which turned out to be home runs for Bain, as well as for Uncle Mitt, lining his pockets with tens of millions of dollars that would allow him to run for political office, and purchase front-row-center orchestra tickets for this crimson-hot Broadway show:

(CNBC: Mitt Romney's Bain Capital Investments: 5 of the Best)


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