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by Derek Loosvelt | April 25, 2011


Merrill Lynch Wealth Management has just rolled out a new $20 million advertising campaign, hoping to attract new employees to manage millions of dollars (career changers are welcome, according to the firm) as well as new clients who'd like to give new (or old) Merrill advisors their millions to manage.

The campaign itself seems to have been created by Glenn Beck and Rish Limbaugh: the tag line is "The Power of the Right Advisors" (when I look at the ads I can't seem to get "Power of the Right" out of my mind, and think of "Advisors" as a mere afterthought). Some of the other verbiage appearing in the ads touts the firm's monstrous amount of client assets under management ($1.5 trillion) and brags that the firm has more female advisors than any other.

The ads will be appearing in major financial news outlets such as the Wall Street Journal and Barron's.

For more on the campaign, check out this interview with Joan Khoury, the head of marketing at Merrill Lynch Wealth Management:

(WSJ: Broker's World: Merrill Lynch's New Ad Campaign)


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