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by Derek Loosvelt | May 24, 2010


Prospective holders of that two year certificate of vacation, also known as a Masters in Business Administration, have spoken, and what they have said loudly and clearly in their newly-learned business speak is they would love to work for the investment bank that everyone loves to hate as of late—that is, The Goldman Sachs Group, Inc. (also known, more informally, as Goldman Sachs and, even more informally, in some music magazines, as the vampire squids of Wall Street).

What I am getting at is CNNMoney has just unveiled its annual ranking of the 100 top employers according to MBA students, and Goldman secured the No. 3 spot, just behind that little Internet company called Google (No. 1) and that small no-name consultancy called McKinsey (No. 2). This, of course, gives Lloyd Blankfein bragging rights over his not-so-best-buddy-anymore Jamie Dimon, as Jamie D's JPMorgan Chase placed No. 7 in the rankings.

Other notable financial institution rankings include the still-prestigious firms Blackstone at No. 13 and Morgan Stanley at No. 14 (both just ahead of Microsoft, which ranked No. 15); the highly-desireable European banks Credit Suisse at No. 20 and Barclays Capital at No. 21 (a couple notches ahead of soda-maker PepsiCo at No. 23 and frappuccino-making Starbucks at No. 24); and big banks returning to glory UBS at No. 50 and BofA at No. 51 (edging out oil tycoons Chevron at No. 53 and Exxon Mobil at No. 55).


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