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by Derek Loosvelt | March 10, 2009


Practice M&A Cases

1. Eastern Newspapers is a large newspaper chain that is considering diversifying into non-newspaper media assets and is a potential client for our firm's M&A group. How would you go about advising this client? What information would you want to gather before you meet with the client?

2. JerseyWeb is a small Internet access provider, with $20 million in annual revenues. JerseyWeb is considering acquiring another small Internet access provider in nearby Connecticut. What would you advise JerseyWeb to do?

3. A major ski resort currently forbids snowboarding, but is considering allowing the sport. What should it consider before allowing or disallowing snowboarding?

4. The maple syrup market has four main competitors. The market share and price per unit are as follows.

Absolute Syrupshare 42 percent price per unit $5.00
Beastly Syrupshare 27 percentprice per unit $4.10
Catchall Syrupshare 16 percent price per unit $3.50
Delight Syrupshare 15 percentprice per unit $3.55

What kind of market is this?

5. You are Britney Spears. You are afraid that the new craze for MP3s will hurt sales of your music. What should you do?


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