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by Derek Loosvelt | February 25, 2011


in a Q&A with DealBook, Charles Ferguson, the director of the Academy Award-nominated documentary "Inside Job," says his research has shown that not much has changed on Wall Street since the world's economies almost imploded, and that we should not be surprised if there's another financial crisis in the next 10 years. Ferguson also says he's pretty miffed that no financial bigwigs have served time for their misdeeds in the past crisis.

As for compensation practices on Wall Street, the director says he doesn't "have a problem with people getting wealthy if they work hard, contribute to society and do valuable things. There are people in Silicon Valley who are enormously wealthy. But for the most part they are enormously wealthy because they did something useful and valuable. The problem here is that in finance people can get enormously wealthy by causing enormous damage to many other people. And that hasn’t been stopped. That’s part of why I am concerned that this could happen again in another decade."

At any rate, for your consideration:

By the way, this Sunday evening, Ferguson will be wearing J. Crew.



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