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by Derek Loosvelt | April 26, 2010


Fabfab31Fab fab luvin DC!!! This is unreal!!! Towels embroidered!!! 400 thread count!!! Fab fab is going to have fab fab time drying his fabness!!!

Fabfab31Standing in middle of suite…Mini bar!! Peanuts! Heine Light! Now all Fab fab needs is widows & orphans to sell synth CDOs to…Room service!!!

Fabfab31In sum, Fab fab paying $200 for room which doesn't seem like a lot but take into account Fab fab minibar bill & it adds up to a lot of $$$!

Fabfab31Phone ringing off hook/everyone wants Fab fab/Fab fab's hands full, can't answer/Fab Fab feels like he's losing his sh&^ & he's only 30ish!

Fabfab31Wrong numbers!! Thought they were calling @LloydLloyd…amazing how good Fab fab is in convincing himself he's still on @vampiresquid payroll!

Fabfab31Fab fab can't wait to see Carl carl (Levin)!!!

Fabfab31Remote control totally dead!!! These poor little roasted peanuts will not last so long!!! Heine Light!!! Not feeling too guilty about this ; )

Fabfab31Remote working! Battery dead, now alive! Fab fab always carry extra exotic Duracel! Fab fab a little like Frankenstein inventor...Insane!!!

Fabfab31OK, Fab fab decided just two more Heines and then retiring to shower!!!

Fabfab31Make that bathtub!!! Fab fab needs major major primping! Big big day tomorrow in front of Feds feds!!!

Fabfab31Fab fab says bye bye!!!


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