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by Derek Loosvelt | April 22, 2011


Today is Earth Day. Which means there's not much time left to get your Mother Earth a small token of your appreciation. After all, if it wasn't for her, you'd just be a being with less intelligence than toast. And so, below are five gift ideas that won't cost you money, but will cost you time, which I trust you can spare for your loving, caring, ailing Mother Earth.

1. Walk barefoot for five minutes on Mother Earth's grass. This will not only feel good to Mother Earth -- she could really use the back massage -- but will make your soles as well as your soul feel darn good as well. A side benefit is it will reaffirm your connection with Mother Earth, and your relationship with Her will blossom as a result.

2. Hug an oak. I know, tree hugging is so 1970s, but it's coming back in style, so be one of the first in your family or group of friends to wrap your arms around an oak, poplar, birch or maple (I'd probably not try to squeeze a pine). Mother Earth will feel so much better after a good old-fashioned hug, and you'll feel warm and reinvigorated and fuzzy all over as well.

3. Plant something in Mother Earth's belly. We all know Mother Earth loves to receive flowers and seeds, so why not give her what she wants and stick her with something wholesome, beautiful and green. This will brighten everyone's day: Mother Earth's, yours, your neighbors'. And hey, in nine months, or sooner, what you plant might be able feed a family of four.

4. Tell a wild animal that you love her (or him). Don't laugh. This is serious business. I know that you tell your domesticated cats and dogs and parakeets that you love them, so why not the wild squirrels and sparrows and raccoons and deer that give your life such pleasure? Wild animals need love too, you know.

5. Make Mother Earth a card. If the above four gifts are too much for you, and you only have time to get your Mother Earth a card, then make sure it's a darn good one. In it, don't forget to tell Mother Earth how much she means to you, that you care for her, and that you'll try better this coming year to return her love. And remember, whatever you do, do not make your card out of paper. Unless, of course, it's 100% recycled. Perhaps crafting your note on a fallen leaf would be best.

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