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by Aman Singh Das | September 23, 2009


Yesterday was an important day for CSR practitioners and anyone else who cares about the Earth and the future generations. When world leaders met yesterday at the United Nations, President Obama and China's President Hu Jintao, together represented the nations responsible for 40% of the entire world's greenhouse gas emissions. As a New editorial opined, "Together they can lead the way to an effective global response to this clear global threat. Or together they can mess things up royally."

Couldn't have said it better myself. Soon we will head into discussing what might replace the decade old Kyoto Protocol and even if you're beginning to yawn and flip the page thinking, this doesn't concern me, I would urge you to continue reading. Because eventually what authority and line of action America chooses to follow will define our work life, our life as consumers (buying eco-friendly products, etc.), our life as homemakers (Do you really want to be the only non-energy efficient house on the street?), our career decisions (Would you want to be working for a company that profits by using unsustainable supplies or doesn't promote sustained life?) and even the small day-to-day decisions (Your paper coffee cup, the car drive to work, the decision to opt for mass transit, the plastic shopping grocery bags, etc.) we take without thinking. Climate change has the power to change all that and that's why if you are an intelligent professional and believe in business savvy as well as staying smartly informed, I urge you to start reading up on the many complex issues and aspects of Corporate Social Responsibility.

We at Vault recognize this urgency and the fact that career intelligence already requires a green quotient. That's why, here In Good Company, we will continue to bring you everyday news about CSR as well as keeping you informed about jobs in sustainability that are opening up nationwide, the certifications and professional accreditations these will ultimately require, how you can switch careers with your current knowledge bank, and even bring you a daily bulletin of the top green jobs of the day.

Stay tuned and remain informed! If there is something you would like us to cover or address, please leave us a comment or join our many Discussion Forums to connect with other readers.


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