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by Aman Singh Das | May 05, 2010


Dazed with all the information flying around on Corporate Social Responsibility? Wondering what the difference is between corporate responsibility and sustainability? In an interview with NPR affiliate WICN/90.5 FM, I attempt breaking it down. Some of the questions I answer:

Corporate Responsibility

--What is the CSR movement, and why and where is it growing?
--What is the difference between sustainable and unsustainable capitalism?
--Are typical Americans (individuals and businesses) ready, willing and able to make this sort shift?
--Which large, corporate businesses (e.g. Target) are doing a pretty good job at social responsibility?
--Which large, corporate businesses (e.g. Wal-Mart) need to do a much better job social responsibility?
--How do you get a large, corporate business to change its attitude regarding social responsibility?
--How do you get retail and business-to-business customers to change their attitude regarding social responsibility?

Listen to the complete interview on And continue sending in your question and comments. Is your company continuing to willfully ignore stakeholder demands for accountability? Or do you work for a company that respects its employees and acts like a responsible corporate citizenship? Write in or connect with me on Twitter @VaultCSR.


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