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by Aman Singh Das | December 01, 2009


Guess who is the latest to jump into the fray of clean energy investments: None other than search giant Google. Announcing its 20-year investment plan, the company whose motto is "Do No Evil," said it considers investment in clean energy technology "a logical next step." Besides introducing the Google PowerMeter, which allows individuals to track their energy use, this is Google's first visible attempt to become more forefront in the clean energy market.

Who knows, maybe soon we will have a "Zero Carbon Footprint" Google search.

In other news, Milwaukee is offering water rebates to businesses who bring at least 25 jobs to the city. This is how the city hopes it works: With water from the Great Lakes at its disposal, and the fact that fresh water is getting scarce, Milwaukee is hoping that paying less for fresh water for up to 5 years will be enough enticement for businesses to move bases or open branch offices in the city, and therefore, collectively increase employment.

Now the plan has its critics and supporters, but keeping the requirement to 25 jobs might not end up being enough to solve or even dent the city's unemployment woes. Let's hope though that the naysayers are wrong.


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