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by Aman Singh Das | September 29, 2009


Experts have been saying for a long time that the push for sustainability across companies and governments will result in a lot of jobs and, therefore, boost the economy. Now, three independent studies done on the claim have confirmed this, alleging that like-minded efforts can generate millions of new jobs worldwide.

While we didn't really need three studies to confirm this for us, in today's media age where opinions are many, distortions numerous and outlets widespread, it probably is for the better that jobseekers and policymakers can see the results of three independently conducted studies arriving at the same conclusion. The estimated numbers deserve a quick look for many reasons, but most importantly, because they promise a stable economy once again for the thousands of unemployed among us.

Greenpeace puts the number at 2.7 million jobs in the European Union itself, the Climate Group estimates the number at 10 million globally by 2020 and the Global Climate Network goes even further to predict 30 million jobs by 2020 in Germany, Japan, China, Brazil and the U.S. alone. The latter goes on to claim that while 40 million cleantech jobs will be created, 10 million will also be lost related to inefficient technologies.

So there you go. It always comes down to numbers. And now we have those too. Of course, there are always the if conditions that go along with such claims. In this case, these numbers can come true only if world leaders and the private sector start working on sustainability including adopting low carbon technologies and renewable energy sources.

At the same time, though, these estimates do mean that it could be in your best interest to divert your job seeking and career building skills toward sustainability work. As always Vault will continue to bring you the Top Five Green Jobs postings here every day while keeping you updated with the latest news, trends and developments in this push for a greener Earth.

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