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by Aman Singh Das | December 17, 2009


Just when we thought firing and layoffs were slowing down, that the economy was going through a "jobless recovery," here comes bad news: Shell plans to layoff 5,000 employees from its headquarters in Houston, Texas. Why? These jobs are being transferred to India and Philippines at Shell's support centers where people will be hired for a fraction of their equivalent U.S. salary and fewer benefits.

This is a continuation of Shell's new CEO Peter Voser's reorganization. The beginning of the year saw a reduction in the energy giant's management ranks by 20% besides having 15,000 employees re-apply for a smaller pool of jobs, as the company sought efficiencies and added a new technology division.

So far, employees have not been told what departments will migrate, but insiders are speculating on finance as one of them. What is clear is that with 5,000 jobs leaving the city, Houston workers--who have for long relied on the energy sector--will need to re-evaluate their skills and re-apply them to other fields. Might we suggest green energy as a possible new growth area?

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