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by Aman Singh Das | December 03, 2010


What are some emerging trends in CSR and sustainability that have the potential to not just change career options but also the very way we work? And what were some of the highlights that emerged from Net Impact 2010 and BSR's Annual Conference—2010's largest conferences singularly dedicated to discussing strategic corporate citizenship, and the tangential issues of reputation, trust and ethical management?

In a recent interview with Voice of America Variety's Trust Across America radio show, I highlighted key takeaways from the two events as well as some of this year's emerging trends in recruitment, emerging career choices—partly due to a recognition of the need for a relook at our education choices—and how a pervading social consciousness is changing the job market and corporate culture.

Among the highlights:


"Terminology is a big issue for corporate social responsibility today. As the field evolves, we are going to have to reach a common set of terminology for everything that CSR stands for while essentially underlining simply doing the right thing."

Contextualizing Corporate Social Responsibility

"CSR is starting to become more contextual for companies. Whether they translate sustainability as environmental services, volunteering, social causes, employee welfare, or a broader mission of being good corporate citizens, organizations are finally relating CSR to their products, services and stakeholders."

The Business Case for Sustainability

"The fact that 51 business school students were able to identify $350 million in net operating savings over the projects' lifetimes over one summer internship is evidence enough that there is a very real business case for sustainability."

Engagement is key for CSR

"There are many ways students, job seekers and career professionals can stay informed and engaged on CSR and sustainability. Whether saving the Planet is a passion, a passing interest, or you're simply interested to stay informed, believe that good responsible citizenship is eventually going to become a way of life."

Job Hunting in CSR

"If there is one major piece of career advice that almost every executive I talk to offers, it is to not look for jobs with CSR or sustainability in the job title. Instead, look for jobs with companies that believe in the value of a culture that promotes ethical decisions, transparency, and accountability. Make these companies your preferred employers and then make your job sustainable."

The final word

"The value of sustainability cannot be overstated enough but at the same time it is crucial that everyone understand that sustainability cannot stop at your job title. Responsibility toward our society, community, environment and each other must be a built-in component of every job profile, regardless of our industry, profession or rank."

For the complete interview, visit Voice of America Variety.


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