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by Aman Singh Das | January 10, 2011


What are some off-the-charts recruiting strategies that your company is willing to try in order to hire the best talent in today's overcrowded market of jobseekers? As a fierce recruiting season approaches, is your HR and career services team amped with the best social media tactics, advertising gimmicks and focused visibility to hire the crème de la crème?

In a well-timed post today, author and SmartPlanet contributor Joe McKendrick writes:

"Make no mistake about it, there will soon be heated competition for the skills needed to keep growing companies growing in a hyper-competitive global market. Will standard classified ads, little gray boxes with about 100 words, help you reach the talent you need and want?"

McKendrick also links to the following video that, by making fun of the current wave of wackiness that seems to have taken over everyone, effectively portrays the company's internal culture and expectations, i.e., we won't follow the pack.

And because the video is a perfect satire of an extremely uncomfortable job interview, it makes for some hilarious viewing. So, take a look and tell us what you think: Does the video accurately spotlight the perfect millennial stereotype? Is there a ring of truth in the recruiter's bafflement or is she in need for some social media 101? Leave a comment, email In Good Company or connect with us on Twitter!

SmartPlanet blog: Viral recruiting, 2011 style


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