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by Aman Singh Das | June 17, 2010


As companies continue to focus on creating alignment between key stakeholders, employees jump out as a vital sustainable business resource. For some, eco awareness and sustainability skill sets may be the interview differentiator.

Examining the latest employment trends and extrapolating beyond the current job market, we see an increasing demand for a new kind of business contributor. In addition to the growing demand for alternative skills, there is also an increasing desire amongst prospective job seekers to translate personal eco awareness and business sustainability passions into career ambitions.

Our professional consulting experience leads us to believe that many of the businesses currently reducing their workforce will soon be returning to the job pool in search of the next generation of passion and innovation. The new employer may not always limit its candidate search to the skills required for a specific job function. Personal sustainability passion and innovative thinking might bring needed change to the organization.

The convergence of business sustainability value and employment could be a stabilizing factor in the rebounding global job market. In searching for that perfect career path, consider differentiating yourself and increase your personal value by:

-- Expressing an interest and passion for business sustainability.
-- Documenting a record of accomplishment in applying sustainability concepts in business.
-- Proactively researching the company’s sustainability initiatives.
-- Define and communicate how your sustainable knowledge and skills can directly benefit the company and its business sustainability direction.

By combining traditional business functions with an aligned passion for sustainability, companies are creating attractive work environments for sustainable-minded employees. Polish your resume and interview skills with sustainability and get that great job today.

With a desire to extend a sustainable lifestyle to the workplace, there are employment options available to you. As a sustainability consultant, I encourage you to make a powerful choice: choose meaningful work for yourself and a company that stands for the environment.

--By Julie Urlaub

Sustainability expert, Julie Urlaub is the founder and managing partner of Taiga Company. She writes, speaks, blogs and consults on how changing the way you look at something can change your results and your world. She's a superstar green blogger, 2010 Shorty Award Runner Up on Twitter in the Green category (with over 15,000 followers), and works with companies to address the green/sustainability pressures in a way that strengthens them—capitalizing on the opportunities and mitigating the risk.


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