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by Aman Singh Das | December 10, 2009


Does how you get your daily info feed bother you enough to want to remain as responsible (that's social responsibility) about it as possible? Twitter, Facebook, RSS come to mind? At Vault, we recommend social networking as a mandatory step in any job search or advancement as well as keeping up on career developments. Of course, for the socially responsible, this can be done easily via the internet, with a zero carbon footprint.


Keeping this in mind, we introduce VaultCSR on Twitter, where you can now stay current with the latest info on green jobs, the sustainability job market, how to incorporate CSR into your workplace and much, much more. We will cover latest career trends in the energy sector, the renewables field, we'll discuss where the jobs are, where the investment is going, who is hiring, what business schools are adding sustainability to their MBA curriculum, bring Day in the Life(s) of green jobs and so much more. Stay tuned and enjoy the Good Company!


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