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by Aman Singh Das | June 03, 2009


Rather interesting trend pointed out courtesy The Wall Street Journal:

"As a group, men are behind now in every major category of health, education and lifespan." It goes on to talk about the possibility of a GLB (or Guys Left Behind) crisis. Statistics seem to show that men are lagging behind women in almost every aspect, except for dominating wealth, which is characteristic of older generations and not men in their 20s and 30s.

Later on, it goes on to say: "The lifestyles and habits that worked so well for men in more dangerous times may not be working so well for them in the information age. In every age from the caves right on through the second World War, it worked for men to take big risks, have short attention spans and be driven by ego. These days, those things are more likely to get in the way of doing a good job. Hunting wild boar and hunting through Wikipedia require a different set of skills."

Readers, what do you think? Do you think women will emerge stronger, healthier workers from this recession? Can GLB become a reality?

Post a comment and let's make this a dialogue.


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