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by Aman Singh Das | August 18, 2009


Do you like being green but don't go beyond recycling the odd paper and disposing your soda can into the bin marked "Cans Only"? Ever thought of making this afterthought into an established career? Sustainability is not only promising to be an up and coming career of choice, but also on the rise as more and more employers wake up to the need to become more energy conscious.

Whether it involves simple efforts like recycling or more elaborate processes like restructuring the manufacturing line or service lineup at a company, everyone will soon want an expert. They're going by many names: Green Auditor, Energy Efficiency Expert, Weatherization Expert and so on. And to become this expert, you will need to build on existing skills. Green Auditor and Consultant Matt Lillard has the following to offer:

  1. Universal skill sets will also be applicable: communication skills, relationship building, people management, etc.
  2. Project management skills are essential in sustainability: If you cannot manage your time and projects, it will be hard for your clients to understand the need to cultivate a habit in sustainability.
  3. Financial acumen: If you are from finance, your objective skills, your ability to work with data, with numbers and speculation strategies and methodical processes will be hugely beneficial in creating strategies for energy efficiencies and making profitable recommendations to your client.
  4. Soft Skills: These never go out of fashion. And when a career field is new, these go a long way to retain clients, spread the good word, network and build your reputation as a dependable, results-oriented and successful energy efficiency expert.
  5. Public Speaking: This is hugely important. Your persuasive skills will become necessary in establishing a client base, in selling your expertise and in impressing upon your potential clients, the importance and need for a sustainability policy.

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