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by Aman Singh Das | August 13, 2009


Continuing on our journey exploring the career of sustainability, let's talk money. Matt Lillard our Green Auditor interviewee thinks there is potential for a six-figure salary.

"If you spend one or two days working on auditing jobs through the certification and three to four days on sustainability consulting, you can make an easy $1,500."

While that might not sound high-earning potential to many of us, its comfortable by many standards. Of course, the more you specialize, the better your earning potential. Niche careers today have proven like never before by surviving this recession better than most broad-based industries. And if you can use your specialty to focus on saving the earth and making it greener? More power to you! Especially in the coming years, when a bulk of the stimulus money has been promised to projects gear toward conserving energy, protecting the environment and reducing private, public, corporate and individual carbon footprint, there is an understated guarantee of job security.

Next week: But what if I want to back to school and have an academic foundation in sustainability? Is a two-day certification enough to embark on a new career?

Stay tuned!

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