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by Aman Singh Das | August 12, 2009


A couple of weeks ago we discussed the "Green Auditor" certification and promised to bring you more info on what is really involved in the certification, the background you might need and what job prospects it carries.

We interviewed Matt Lillard, President of Green Savers LLC to get a peek into the world of sustainability auditors. This week, in a series, I will discuss the many aspects of this career and Matt's personal experience being an auditor.

Having been in corporate IT in a financial company all his life (including being SVP at Bank of America), Matt decided to venture into sustainability because he cared for environmental issues and wanted a break from the stress and unending workdays. He felt this certification would give him an edge. And, according to him, it did.

A two-day, $2,500 training that paid itself off in two projects, brought him closer into the talent pool of auditors, allowed him to extensively network among sustainability professionals and gave him access to projects that led him to starting Green Savers and eventually building his certifications (LEED, HERS, etc.).

While he did not have a "green" background, Matt suggests brushing up your knowledge before going for this training, although he added that most of his co-trainees were not from the field, and instead, looking to broaden their knowledge in the sustainability field. "Most of them seemed to already have a starting point like renewables, energy or recycling. What they were looking for was a broader knowledge base of the field so they use this to further their specialization," he says.

So background or not, this field can offer the chance to explore a career in an extremely hot and upcoming career, backed by the Obama administration's stimulus package promising thousands of jobs for qualified candidates.

So, next question: Is there any money in this?

Stay tuned!


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