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by Aman Singh Das | January 20, 2011


As the folks at the barbarian blog point it, "It’s easy to forget all the talented people you work with. Now imagine you work at a company the size of GE, a place packed with smart people."

Turns out, their sheer numbers allows General Electric to celebrate a different employee every day of the year!

With some design help from the barbarian group--a digital services company--the GE Global Research site has started highlighting what they call the Genius of the Day: A featured employee's headshot and title, along with a short questionnaire that balances insight into the employee's specific role at GE (What problems are you trying to solve?) peppered with a few fun facts (What are your top 5 favorite books?) about their interests.

And, every day will feature a new genius.

The company sure gets kudos for attempting to translate their ecomagination theme internally into employee happiness and satisfaction while keeping with their emphasis on innovative solutions. With this latest effort now, they not only score one for promoting employee engagement but also accomplish some positive brand marketing.

I've said this often before: A company's best brand ambassadors are its employees. And by recognizing this crucial class of stakeholders, for GE--as the Brandflakes for Breakfast blog puts it--this initiative is pure genius!


GE's Genius of the Day


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