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by Aman Singh Das | March 04, 2010


Seems like Mickey Mouse and the characters from the Pirates of the Caribbean will be donning greener avatars now. Addressing the audience at The Wall Street Journal's ECO:nomics conference, Walt Disney's Robert Iger addressed sustainability and corporate social responsibility and how is company is responding to growing demand for accountability. Main pointers from his address, which touched on several topics, included Disney's work in the community and for the environment, and their embracing corporate social responsibility as part of their long-term strategy. Oh, and he also mentioned how the current generation is more conscious of their role as responsible citizens. Some of the highlights:

On why, "It really adds up for us, as much as 200,000 tons of savings per month in water, etc."

On whether Disney was embarking on this sustainable route as a business proposition or purely for doing good: "Disney has always been environmentally conscious and that is how I inherited the company. I was acutely aware of this. And it has been clear to me that for strategy from a growth perspective, reputation is a huge growth driver. That the quality of the product matters as much as the integrity of the people who stand behind it today."

Continuing on his CSR pitch,"We are also seeing a demand for corporate social responsibility from three main constituents: Customers, Shareholders (increasingly), and Employees as well as potential employees."

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