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by Aman Singh Das | January 05, 2010


While much is written about the general elements of work at a nonprofit organization, in depth info on what these roles really involve remains scarce. Robert Freudenberg is a senior planner at New York-based research and advocacy planning nonprofit Regional Plan Association. His work is focused on sustainable planning for Long Island and its surrounding areas. spoke to him about a typical day in his work life. Take a look:

8:30 a.m.: Underground. The day starts even before you arrive at work. While commuting on the subway, you start writing work emails on your BlackBerry.

9:30 a.m.: Watershed planning call. You have a conference call with government representatives, community members and researchers involved in putting together an action plan to protect and sustainably develop the Nissequogue River watershed in Long Island. Your immediate task is to recruit members to form an expert steering committee for the project; your long-term goal is to see that your organization’s action plan is implemented by local governments and other stakeholders.

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