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by Aman Singh Das | September 21, 2009


Are you overwhelmed with all the news pouring in lately about sustainability, carbon offsetting and footprints of the CO2 kind? Is your logical mind questioning the business case for achieving corporate sustainability? WSJ brings us a comprehensive Q&A to address your questions and define all these terms flying around increasingly across the media. With another G-20 meeting approaching later this week and the UN meeting the leaders tomorrow to discuss climate change ahead of the summit meeting on Thursday, it not only projects business savvy but also your smartness quotient to stay current and know what the terms being bandied about really mean.

Click here to read what a carbon offset is, how a cap-and-trade system works, why there is talk of a Carbon Offset Exchange for companies to buy and sell, that's right, offsets, who will regulate and much more. To keep up-to-date on sustainability news, stay tuned to In Good Company!


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