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by Aman Singh Das | January 26, 2010


If someone were to ask you the following question, what would your answer be: How green are you? Some of us would associate the question with the environmental green and think, do I recycle and reuse? Some others, especially if you are a job seeker, will think money.

There is a field that offers the opportunity to bring the two together. Even today in a shrunk economy and 7.5 applicants for every job posted, this field offers a lucrative and progressive career. And the best part is that regardless of background, the right certifications and mentors can help propel you into the hot field of "green jobs." So, whether you are in consulting, accounting, banking, marketing, law or communications, your skills are applicable to environmental jobs, which are increasing nationwide and internationally.

For sure, when we change careers, our decision is bogged by many questions. Here is an attempt to answer some basic ones, i.e., how can you as a consultant/lawyer/banker/etc. adapt your skills to the environmental field? Can you practice law and work for the environment? How can you use your management skills and policy-making prowess in the green field? Read on.

What do Environmentalists Do? And How Do I Fit In?


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