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by Aman Singh Das | June 04, 2010


Last week I discussed the Environmental Defense Fund's Climate Corps internship program, a unique program that focuses on encouraging sustainable business practices through energy efficiency. During my interactions with some of the fellows from the 2010 class as well as the team at EDF, emerged the idea of an ongoing platform for discussion.

As the conversation involving corporate responsibility continues to grow in board rooms, many more students are beginning to concentrate on the ethical implications of business models and strategies. At least partially, these begin during their business school training. With graduate schools responding to student demand for a shift in their core curricula, graduating classes are emerging much more aware of environmental and social implications of corporate decisions.

This summer, we will get a real look into some of these discussions at companies through the experiences of these Climate Corps fellows. In collaboration with EDF, Vault will host exclusive blog posts from some of these fellows as they journey through their internships. With their posts, these interns will give us a rare lens into the behind-the-scenes operations at companies, who are proactively broaching corporate sustainability, one conversation at a time.

Besides the obvious advantage to executives and professionals who are looking to initiate similar discussions at their companies, their observations, takeaways and struggles will have something of value for all of us. Like I said last week in my recount of their alumni panel, change doesn’t always have to start from the top. Sometimes the best of ideas come from the intern desk. And who knows, maybe their recommendations end up saving you money at the same time!

Stay tuned for the first post in the coming weeks! Meanwhile, continue to add to the discussion by leaving a comment, emailing In Good Company or connect with me on Twitter @VaultCSR.



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