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by Aman Singh Das | March 08, 2011


If we were to classify job occupations by gender, what would be the top picks for women?

While you might be tempted to pick communications and other more interpersonal skills-oriented job profiles, remember that women today make up more than half the active workforce, are graduating in almost equal numbers, and continue to enjoy higher median pay.

According to a new report by Forbes, there are 20 occupations today, where women now outnumber men. As you go through the list, there is one essential commonality that stands out: Most of these roles were once considered the epitome of male dominance across industries.

Organized by industry, then, in no particular order:

Finance (Accounting, Auditing, Insurance, Assurance, etc.)

  1. Accountants & Auditors (61.8%)
  2. Financial managers (54.7%)
  3. Insurance Underwriters (62.8%)
  4. Tax Examiners, Collectors and Revenue Agents (73.8%)
  5. Budget Analysts (59.3%)
  6. Tax Preparers (65.9%)
  7. Claims Adjusters, Appraisers, Examiners & Investigators (60.6%)
  8. Financial Specialists (66.6%)

Communications/Social Skills

  1. Meeting & Convention Planners (83.3%)
  2. HR Managers (66.8%)
  3. Advertising & Promotion Managers (56.5%)
  4. Elementary & Middle School Teachers (81.9%)
  5. Social & Community Service Managers (69.4%)

Health Care

  1. Medical Scientists (56.9%)
  2. Veterinarians (61.2%)
  3. Psychologists (68.8%)
  4. Registered Nurses (92%)
  5. Medical & Health Services Managers (69.5%)


  1. Education Administrators (62.6%)
  2. Business Operations Specialists (68.4%)

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