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by Aman Singh Das | April 22, 2010


CNBC recently ran a feature on The 15 Best Green Tech Startups. The list was hand-picked by Greentech Media Editor-in-Chief Michael Kanellos, and represents his selection of companies in the green-tech field that are most likely to "make it." Assuming that "making it" leads to hiring, we've taken the liberty of checking out each of the 15 companies and identifying positions with each.

As you'll see if you scroll down the list, most of the positions aren't "green" jobs at all. These aren't firms seeking environmental engineers or carbon reduction gurus to lead them out of the wilderness. They are, for the most part, companies attempting to do what any other company does: make a profit and grow. They're just seeking to do it from green technologies and alternative energy. As such, the people they're seeking to recruit aren't so much green specialists as businessspecialists. Bottom line: if you have legitimate skills and experience in your field--whether it's accounting or project management--these firms want to hear from you.

So if you're interested in a career with a firm that has a strong chance of going places in the coming years, you could do worse than peruse this list and check out some of the vacancies on offer. Please note that this list is far from exhaustive--most of these companies have more opportunities than we have listed, and are likely to be adding more as the weeks and months roll on. Check their websites for more details.

BrightSource Energy

  • Manager, Regulatory Transmission Projects
  • Sr. Contract Administrator
  • Manager, Transmission Projects

Silver Spring Networks


  • Smart Grid Integration Engineer
  • Director, Strategic Alliances
  • Senior Firmware Engineer


Tesla Motors


  • Design Engineer
  • Sr. Vehicle Test Engineer - Homologation
  • Senior Accountant




  • Director/Sr Director of Accounting & Finance
  • Project Engineer
  • Sr. Manufacturing Process Engineer - Fermentation


Bloom Energy:


  • Senior Operations Analyst
  • Network Architect
  • Director of Program Management


Enphase Energy:


  • Analog Design
  • ASIC Design
  • Embedded Software Design




  • Senior Systems Engineer
  • Accountant




  • Graduate Research Internships
  • Design Engineer
  • Instrumentation Engineer


Adura Technologies:


  • QA Manager, Software and Embedded Systems
  • QA Test Engineer: Embedded Systems
  • Embedded Systems Architect




  • Product Marketing Manager
  • Reliability Engineer
  • Sales Support/Development Engineer for Asia Pacific Region




  • Consulting Services Manager
  • Product Marketing, Manager or Sr. Manager
  • Software Engineering Intern




"…the opportunity to contribute across the full range of the product, including CRM and process support, building modeling, solution recommendation and impact modeling, construction project management, and environmental monitoring."



  • Intern, Business, Engineering and Science


Laurus Energy

No openings on their website at this time.


No openings on their website at this time.

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