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by Kristina Rudic | May 26, 2017


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If you’re one of the few who isn’t traveling to some family or friend gathering this weekend, you might be one of the lucky ones—and not just because you get to skip the traffic jams. While everyone else is relaxing during a long weekend, you might be able to use this down time to effectively and strategically get ahead in your career plans, whether it be applying to new jobs or getting a project just a bit further along. Holiday weekends are great because places—especially cities—get much quieter. It can be easier to focus, get a spot at that coffee shop you like, and be productive without all the distractions. We’ve got three key ways to ensure your long weekend becomes a great investment in the long run.

1. Set a Goal

When planning out what you want to work on during a long weekend, consider the number of days you have and how free you will be during those times. What is it that you want to accomplish? Write down the top three things you need to work on or get done, and set an estimated time frame for how long each will take. Then, determine how many days you might need to work on these tasks. Plan to set aside all distractions when working, such as your phone. Since many people will be away, you don’t want to accidentally get sucked into scrolling through your Instagram feed.

2. Do Your Research

Whether you’re honing in on networking or branching out to recruit, a long weekend is a great time to reach out to new contacts. Before going on a quick holiday, nearly all companies are go, go, go to finish as much as possible before the pause in work. Thus, a holiday weekend can be a great time to reach out, as most job sites will be updated and people’s emails will be cleaned out. Because there is no pressure to work quickly, you can take your time during the researching portion. Go through job descriptions and contact information at companies, and pay attention to the details. For those with ongoing projects, the same applies; take your time to be thorough, since you don’t have a time crunch. By doing this, you can also catch mistakes you might have made and easily correct them now.

3. Take a Break

Although it’s good to try to finish everything you’ve started over the weekend, make sure to take moments to relax. It can be easy to burn out during the week, and the same is true for weekends. Drink enough water, sleep well, and do something fun for yourself. In the end, it can be easy to get swept up in your goals, and if you are one of these people, plan out time to set aside for yourself. After all, it is a weekend!


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