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by Vault Consulting Editors | January 05, 2011


While I signed off my last post with an acknowledgment that military consultant John Wheeler's death might have been nothing more than an average citizen's murder, new information (see more updates below) suggests otherwise and serves only to deepen the mystery.

ABC News Philadelphia is reporting that Iman Goldsborough, an employee at a parking garage in Wilmington, Delaware, met and conversed with Wheeler shortly before his death. The interaction was bizarre, eerie. From ABC News:

"A woman also tells Action News she encountered Wheeler under strange circumstances a night earlier on Wednesday the 29th.

Iman Goldsborough was working at a Wilmington parking garage Wednesday night when she says John Wheeler stumbled in.

"He kind of looked disoriented. He asked me if he could just stand there and get warm before he went and paid for his parking ticket," Goldsborough said.

She says she later recognized Wheeler when his picture was shown on television.

Goldsborough says he seemed dazed and told her that he couldn't remember where he parked his car.

He said his ticket was in his briefcase which had been stolen.

It was cold. He had no overcoat and walked in holding one of his shoes in his hand."


• Check out recently-obtained surveillance video of Wheeler's bizarre parking garage appearance—in which he is clearly pictured limping and holding what appears to be one of his shoes—here.

• Another witness is now claiming that Wheeler appeared "drugged" and confused when she met him.

• Local news outlets have begun to turn their attention to the contents of Wheeler's "stolen" briefcase, perhaps related to his consulting work on "cyber warfare" and his "top-secret security clearance" permissions.  The FBI has joined the investigation.

Click here to read about high-profile consultant John Wheeler and the circumstances surrounding his death.


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