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by Vault Consulting Editors | January 05, 2011


Murder mysteries aside, it's been a pretty slow day in the world of consulting news.

Canadian consultancy ICF International wrapped up its acquisition of Marbek Resource Consultants today. Marbek, a small but reputable outfit based in Ottawa, provides both government and commercial clients with environmental and energy solutions. ICF boasts similar strengths. Perhaps the firm sees an opportunity to become Canada's preeminent green energy consultancy; this move looks to strengthen ICF's credibility and deepen its expertise in the industry. "The acquisition of Marbek creates a fully integrated energy, climate, and environmental consultancy with a strong footprint in Canada," the firm said, "that strengthens the combined firm’s position as a leading player in energy efficiency, renewable energy, and pollution prevention programs."

Elsewhere in the world of 3-letter acronyms, FTI Consulting moved today to unite all of its acquisitions under a single banner: FTI Consulting. Full unification won't be completed until November of this year, the firm says. "We believe one brand more powerfully represents the mission of our firm," said Jack Dunn, President and CEO. "We also believe one brand strategy will enhance our brand recognition, especially in markets that are new to us and where brand is increasingly important in clients' decision making."

Also today, The Brattle Group announced that it had poached a few top minds from the California higher-ed system, bringing in a pair of Berkeley economists—including a former economic advisor to President Clinton—and a group of UC analysts.

Yawn. Murder mystery, anyone?

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