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by Vault Consulting Editors | January 21, 2011


The Campbell Alliance Group announced this morning that it will be sold to inVentiv Health, a New Jersey-based health services company. While not exactly an industry bombshell, the news that the family-owned healthcare consultancy would no longer stand alone is certainly a surprise. John Campbell, CEO, and wife Anne, President, will continue to head the firm, which aims to retain some autonomy as inVentiv’s new consulting division. Accordingly, Campbell Alliance will retain its name and its Raleigh, NC headquarters. The firm had recently expressed its global ambitions by expanding its geographic footprint and growing revenue and consultant numbers. It remains to be seen whether this move will facilitate further growth or see the Campbell Alliance brand fade into the health services scenery.

Deloitte has launched its brand new Center for Collective Leadership, called a "global research and learning center that aims to understand, define, and advance knowledge in the field of collective leadership." One Stephen Langton was tapped to spearhead the Center’s efforts. The firm's press release offers precious little tangible evidence of what the Center might actually do. Exhibit A: "The Center will serve as a resource for Deloitte member firms looking to assist leaders all around the world achieve success by inspiring their people to work together with a shared purpose."  Oh…great...

Earlier this week, Ernst & Young made a move that defense consultant John Wheeler would have approved of if he hadn’t been drugged and murdered in early January. The Big Four firm’s unit in Israel, Kost, Forer, Gabbay & Kassierer, acquired the consulting unit of Hacktics Ltd., a cyber-security outfit also based in Israel. EY reps cited "the escalation in corporate cyber attacks" (WikiLeaks, anyone?) as a reason to beef up its cyber-security portfolio. My question is as follows: did EY buy Hacktics to protect its clients, or to protect itself? Could a potentially damning investigation by the NY District Attorney’s office suggest the former? It’s totally conceivable that EY is trying to cover its bases before they’re uncovered by someone with something to prove.

And, last for the week, Accenture announced today that extremely-Dutch exec Sander van 't Noordende was promoted to head the firm’s Management Consulting division. van 't Noordende has been with Accenture for more than 20 years, and his new post will likely require all of his accrued experience." In his new role," the firm said, "Mr. van ’t Noordende will be responsible for the company’s management consulting capabilities across all of its service lines. In addition, he will assume responsibility for several other initiatives, including Analytics, Sustainability and Business Process Management." Good luck to you, sir!

And a good weekend to you!

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