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by Vault Consulting Editors | February 15, 2011


Because of the utter lack of a news round-up yesterday, today's will have to serve as your very special Valentine's Day dose of consulting news. And oh, how special it is.

First let's play a bit of catch-up with the consultants at Booz Allen Hamilton, which late last week announced a new hire that will only deepen the firm's reputation as a private sector destination for ex- security and intelligence brass. Robert Cressey, "a counter-terrorism and cyber security expert" and recent member of the US National Security Council, was officially brought onboard as a senior vice president Friday. From 1999 to 2001, Cressey oversaw a smooth national security transition between presidential administrations as the director for Transitional Threats at the National Security Council, and he also served briefly as the chief of staff to George W. Bush's Critical Infrastructure Protection board. Fellow senior VP Michael Jones welcomed the new hire. "Roger Cressey is nationally known for his expertise in counter-terrorism and cyber security, and brings to the firm a deep knowledge of issues that will be invaluable for our international government clients as they face an evolving and challenging security environment," he said. Or, in other words, he's one of us.

A visit to the Campbell Alliance Group website won't turn up any evidence of a big shakeup behind the scenes, and that's the way the firm would like to keep it. Contrary to that image, however, New Jersey healthcare advisor inVentiv announced yesterday that it had successfully completed its acquisition of the once-independent consulting firm, effective immediately. John Campbell, firm namesake and current CEO, suggested that the acquisition would affect little of the firm's day-to-day. "This transaction was structured to meet the unique needs of our company," he said, "and to ensure that we can continue to do all of the things that have made us successful." Translation? For starters, inVentiv's management consulting, inVentiv Advanced Insights, will be absorbed into the Campbell Alliance organization, which retains the Campbell moniker. Further, married execs John and Ann Campbell will continue to head the Alliance and, according to a press release, their new parent asserts that "Campbell Alliance will continue to operate independently." Hooray independence!

And now, a glorious Valentine's run-in: North Highland bagged a tidy V-Day gift from Texas Magazine, which named the firm the state's best company to work for. Texas Governor Rick Perry bestowed the honor upon North Highland, which counts three Lone Star offices among its 48 worldwide. The Times of India noted this weekend that McKinsey and BCG gave out the most offers at the Indian Institute of Management Ahmedabad (IIM-A), a major talking point for Indian MBA's and a likely harbinger of deeper investment in the subcontinent by the consulting giants. And lastly, the Wall Street Journal reports that the consulting units of Marsh & McLennan were major driving forces behind the company's resurgence in Q4 fiscal year 2010. More on that tomorrow.

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