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by Vault Consulting Editors | October 30, 2007


In the demanding and frequently unpredictable world of management consulting, it's often impossible for consultants to make time for themselves. As firms have come to see the detrimental effects of this on-the-go lifestyle for their consultants, some have instituted lifestyle-friendly perks with the goal of awarding their employees with some well-deserved "me-time." Flexible scheduling, extended parental leave, vacation days and work-from-home options all figure in here, but some firms have gone a step further, encouraging consultants to take paid time off, sabbaticals or extended leaves, guaranteeing employees a job upon their return.

The Wall Street Journal profiles one Corporate Executive Board consultant who took advantage of this option.

Other firms offering similar solutions to work/life imbalance include Marakon and Oliver Wyman, which allow consultants to work 10 or 11 months out of a year, and Huron Consulting Group, which encourages employees to take PTO. Other firms, including BCG, try to accommodate consultants' travel requests for more or less travel for project work, or Alvarez & Marsal, which allows employees to take personal time as needed.

But if you're unable to take advantage of these time-off opportunities and find yourself really pressed for time, you can always outsource your to-do list !

Heard of any unusual work/life balance perks? Share them here!


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