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by Vault Consulting Editors | January 14, 2010


Would I be too brazen to claim at least some credit for Accenture' new marketing campaign? After unveiling their new marketing campaign this week, it's clear they've heeded some of my advice. Sticking to the animal theme, Accenture is able to build upon many of the taglines it used in its pre-"Tiger is a Dog" days. After all, nothing says high performance like an elephant with a good sense of equilibrium.

Accenture elephant

Looking to break with the image of its sullied spokesman and chart a positive course for the future, Accenture is planning to shell out about $40-$50 million on its ad campaign for 2010—roughly the same amount it spent when Tiger was in the game.

In addition to its nimble elephant, the new Accenture ads—coming soon to an airport near you—feature such high-performing, go-getter animals as chameleons, frogs (hopefully the chipper ones from the Budweiser commercials) and fish. Other ideas that were thrown by the wayside were jugglers and jump-ropers.

How do Accenture consultants feel about the new campaign? According to one insider, reflecting on the firm's "High performance. Delivered" tagline, "Tiger Woods was the epitome of high performance because he had an amazing golfing career, a wife, two kids and 12 other mistresses. If that isn't high performance, I don't know what is. So I'm upset we dropped him." When asked what animal he most resembled, this consultant said, without hesitation, "a tiger." Looks like he’ll have to settle for a clever chameleon for the time being.


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