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by Vault Consulting Editors | March 31, 2011


Dona eis requiem.

Dona eis requiem sempiternam.

Grant them rest; grant them everlasting rest.

So the great choirs of the world mourn their dead. And so too do we mourn the loss of LECG, a once-proud strategy consultancy that has fallen victim to a pack of unruly creditors. In celebration of LECG's contributions to the consulting industry (it shall never be the same), we've compiled an abridged catalog of the highest praise heaped upon the firm by its loving employees over the years.

Since LECG first appeared on Vault's consulting rankings in 2004, its consultants have chronicled their working lives with honest and colorful commentary, entrusting the Vault editorial team with their rich histories. We are mere curators of their legacies. So, in the spirit of the consulting brotherhood, we'll do our part to send LECG into the sunset with only the happiest of memories.

LECG is:

"A serious player"
"A great place to work"
"Extremely rewarding"
"Intellectually challenging"
"Very diverse culturally"

LECG has:

"Brilliant people"
"Tons of women"
"A really friendly atmosphere"
"Shorter hours and less travel than most"
"Immense potential to learn on the job"

LECG consultants:

 "Help others through various charity organizations and community service events"
"Are always excited and looking for the next big learning opportunity"
"Spend time outside of the office together"
"Eat together"
"Are always willing to help"

LECG, Sir Elton salutes you:

(Disclaimer: LECG is not yet officially dead, just awfully close. Despite having sold off the vast majority of its assets, including the transfer of 13 more consultants to Huron today (see below), LECG maintains a presence on Nasdaq (XPRT) and in the hearts of consultants everywhere. Consider this requiem a forward-looking statement as LECG is, in all probability, on death's doorstep. At the very least, they will never be the same.)

For more information:
Press Release: Huron Adds LECG E-Discovery Unit

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