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by Vault Consulting Editors | December 21, 2010


Last week, Big Four mainstay KPMG announced its bold vision to recruit roughly 250,000 new employees over the next five years. While not particularly original—rival Deloitte unveiled a nearly identical plan earlier this year—any hiring of this breadth and magnitude promises a welcome boost to skilled jobseekers across the world.

The announcement follows a highly successful year in which the firm brought in $20.6 billion in revenue. With a 2010 contribution of $6.57 billion, KPMG's advisory division is growing heartily on the back of strong demand worldwide. "There has been unprecedented change in the economic, regulatory, political, and social environments," said Chairman Timothy Flynn of the healthy demand, "and these changes are likely to accelerate." "As a result," he continues, "they are turning to advisers for traditional consulting skills – coupled with deep know-how in risk, regulatory and tax matters that is independent from any particular technology or outsourcing solution."

Considering the advisory unit's recent successes and ever-increasing demand for its services, jobseekers with consulting and advisory experience should see the firm's imminent recruiting campaign as a major opportunity. KPMG will continue hire to 16,000 recent graduates each year, says Rachel Campbell, the company's global head of recruiting, and high-level talent (think "several thousand partner hires" and thousands of "manager-level grade" hires) will also receive considerable attention as hiring ramps up.

All major geographic markets will see attention from recruiters, she asserts, with particularly robust activity in the U.S., Europe, India, and China. Across the world, Campbell says, "Clients are experiencing a very complex environment with globalization, regulation, offshoring, etc. That's the context. In terms of sector, we've got a career focus on the financial sector, on healthcare and on government."

There you have it—KPMG is on the hunt for consultants with expertise in finance, healthcare, and government, and particularly those with international experience or flair. 250,000 is quite the figure—if advisory sees its just allotment of recruitment attention, there could be around 75,000 consulting jobs available over the next five years. Quite the figure indeed!

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- Sam Reynolds

Globalization, Regulation and Offshoring Push KPMG to Hire 250,000 over Five Years


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