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by Vault Consulting Editors | January 26, 2011


Recruiters in KPMG’s advisory unit recently took the time to answer some questions for Vault readers regarding the firm’s plans to hire a quarter of a million new employees in five years. Specifically, the recruiters talked about what kinds of consultants they’re actively seeking, in terms of experience, expertise and overall ability.

Without further ado:

Q: KPMG recently announced its intentions to hire roughly 250,000 new employees in the next five years. Will the firm's advisory division also see big headcount increases in that timeframe?

A: Yes, the Advisory business is one of the key growth areas for KPMG in the US and globally, and therefore in order to meet our growth expectations, we do expect to significantly increase headcount in Advisory over the next five years. In the U.S. alone, Advisory is hiring more than 100 people per month.

Q: In terms of experience, what type of candidate will see the most attention from advisory recruiters? Entry-level? Mid-level? Manager-level?

A: Currently, KPMG Advisory is actively recruiting at all levels, but our greatest need is for mid-level talent. However, our needs tend to change depending upon client needs, so all levels are encouraged to apply.

Q: What particular skills do KPMG's advisory recruiters value? Is the division looking for quant-jocks, versatile strategists, or those with more job-specific skill sets?

A: KPMG Advisory is hiring across our three service groups – Transactions & Restructuring, Performance & Technology, and Risk & Compliance. Within those groups, we have a wide array of needs that require job-specific skill sets, such as in technology, risk management and transaction services, and are also looking for versatile strategists and project managers. We also have some positions that require industry-specific experience, with high demand right now in Financial Services, Health Care, Pharmaceutical, and Energy.

However, beyond job-specific skill sets and/or industry experience, the most important skill that we are looking for is excellent consultative abilities. Talented individuals that can meet with clients, recognize and articulate high value solutions, and then implement those solutions are critical to our success.

Q: What kind of working experience awaits newly-hired KPMG consultants?

A: KPMG offers an award-winning work environment, the opportunity to work with leading companies on challenging projects, outstanding career development programs, global work opportunities, and the chance to work with some of the best and brightest people around the world.

Q: Are applications accepted cyclically or on a rolling basis?

A: Experienced hires are accepted on a rolling basis. We encourage interested and qualified candidates to continually visit our career site and apply to any of our global opportunities at


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